Ms Addy


Working in an extremely confined space (the smallest we’ve ever done) with a floorplan of under 1 sqm, this room required some unique product choices and clever design to ensure usability. Installing a Crosswater cistern allowed us to hide the WC workings in the wall; this furniture decision means that minimum space was taken up. The Utopia cloakroom basin and vanity unit added a small element of storage which was all that was required in this room. The custom cut 10 ml bespoke glass shower enclosure was manufactured to match the profile of the ceiling as well as a hinge door. Porcelanosa Madagascar tiles with simple finish while the Ona Porcelanosa tiles on the shower wall add an element of flair to the room. As the ceiling was pitched, lighting was difficult, so we recessed an LED strip in the glass profile resulting in an illuminating glass panel; the halo mirror also added extra lighting above the basin area which was custom cut to the profile of the ceiling. Finished off with Moduleo LVT flooring. The room is not only incredibly practical and uses the space to its maximum potential but also certainly has the wow factor!

Designed, Supplied and Installed by Bathrooms by Ryan Waine